Definition of go-faster stripes in English:

go-faster stripes

plural noun

  • Striped stickers on the bodywork of a car, intended to make it look more sporty.

    • ‘If you were looking out for the next car to get the go-faster stripes, sporty skirts, alloy wheels and souped-up engine, the smart car would probably not be at the top of your list, or even on it.’
    • ‘He or she is assisted in this flagrant disrespect of the speed limit by the car manufacturer who appears to have designed their models with a wider wheel-base, rocket assisted shock absorbers and go-faster stripes.’
    • ‘Do you trade it in for a newer model - something with go-faster stripes and surround sound - or do you spend time fixing what you've got?’
    • ‘In their shame Ford mocked up a Torino-esque Cortina by adding nothing more than go-faster stripes and a mildly enhanced BHP.’
    • ‘Adapting that fig and cashew loaf to apricot and hazelnut is the domestic version of painting go-faster stripes on the side of your Ford Escort.’
    • ‘It's as embarrassing as a red Cortina with go-faster stripes.’


go-faster stripes