Definition of go figure! in English:

go figure!


informal North American
  • Said to express the belief that something is amazing or incredible.

    • ‘there'll even (go figure) be an Elvis impersonator’
    • ‘Well, all the good looking women were sitting with the physicists' table (go figure!) so I had to settle for sitting next to Steve Case.’
    • ‘This is a reality series watched by 40 million Americans every week - go figure.’
    • ‘We six kids are very close together in age, with my next sister being 10 and a half months younger than me - go figure! - which has always led me to believe that mum and dad kind of liked each other.’
    • ‘Turns out, he was going to break it off with the other woman anyway. (Seems that he doesn't actually have enough time for two girlfriends - go figure.)’
    • ‘When I've invited them to parties and explained they were ‘for adults only’, they never can find a baby sitter (go figure).’