Definition of go for the burn in English:

go for the burn


  • Push one's body to extremes when doing physical exercise.

    • ‘Her passion for junk food and her loathing of most forms of go for the burn exercise was what gave her the body of an elephant, and Mia a body to die for!’
    • ‘It's not only unnecessary to go for the burn, it's unwise; too-vigorous exercise raises the risk of stopping altogether.’
    • ‘I like going for the burn and feeling like I've had a good old workout.’
    • ‘Once you've made a full recovery, go for the burn with fat-blasting ab crunches and leg-sculpting lunges.’
    • ‘If you're more energetic, go for the burn in a state-of-the-art gymnasium or on one of the three indoor tennis courts.’
    • ‘Sweating rows of people working out, pumping iron, frantically cycling on static bikes going nowhere - all of them looked tense and stressed as they aimed to fulfil the axiom ‘no pain no gain’ by ‘going for the burn’.’
    • ‘Yoga is not about ‘going for the burn,’ experts agree.’
    • ‘Beginners should wait longer, but more-advanced gymgoers should go for the burn, waiting only 30 seconds between sets.’
    • ‘Houston will generally do a drop set (cutting back on the weight) of 12 more reps at the end to go for the burn.’
    • ‘When it comes alleviating depression, it's not at all necessary to go for the burn.’