Definition of go for the jugular in English:

go for the jugular


  • Be aggressive or unrestrained in making an attack.

    ‘not renowned for giving a new show time to find its feet, critics went for the jugular’
    • ‘The home team went for the jugular, playing their best football of the season by pushing forward the midfield at every opportunity.’
    • ‘England went for the jugular from the off and had a penalty claim turned down after only four minutes.’
    • ‘Kendal went for the jugular and had their hosts at three wickets down for four runs.’
    • ‘‘We should have gone for the jugular and I also felt that we time-wasted too much in the drawn game,’ says Kearns.’
    • ‘I get good and bad reviews and I accept that, but this is really going for the jugular.’
    • ‘I feel like going for the jugular and finishing this off.’
    • ‘Clearly, he had nothing in mind except going for the jugular.’
    • ‘She can be very understated and delicate, plus she is capable of going for the jugular.’
    • ‘The third quarter was played in cup-like fashion with both sides going for the jugular.’
    • ‘And he will be as friendly and hospitable as he can be but, if he smells a dollar, my personal experience is he'll go for the jugular.’