Definition of go forward in English:

go forward

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phrasal verb

  • (of a clock) be set to a later standard time, especially daylight saving time.

    ‘the clocks went forward on Saturday evening’
    • ‘Now the clocks have gone forward, we must move forward with them.’
    • ‘Well, we're two hours ahead, now that the clocks have gone forward.’
    • ‘The clocks had gone forward that week, which meant she had to cover a very short distance in the dark to catch the bus to San Miguel, a few miles away.’
    • ‘The clocks have gone forward, the evenings have got lighter and finally summer is on its way.’
    • ‘As you should have noticed the clocks went forward an hour over the weekend and here is a theory to find out if you are getting on in years.’
    • ‘Last time we were in London we travelled down on the day the clocks went forward, losing an hour's sleep then travelling down on a scorching hot day.’
    • ‘I must have been walking around with my head buried in the sand because I had no idea that the clocks went forward an hour last night.’
    • ‘He added there could be a discrepancy in the time the attack was reported because the clocks went forward an hour that night.’
    • ‘Operation Enforce was devised after increased numbers of teenagers were seen drinking on the streets at night since the clocks went forward.’
    • ‘You lost sixty minutes from your life this morning when the clocks went forward.’