Definición de go it alone en Inglés

go it alone


  • Act by oneself without assistance.

    ‘they lack the knowledge and confidence to go it alone’
    • ‘The course is aimed particularly at people who enjoy walking but lack the confidence to go it alone.’
    • ‘At first, a teacher accompanied him until he gained enough confidence to go it alone.’
    • ‘Mish couldn't make it for a photo expedition, so I went it alone.’
    • ‘We pretty much went it alone with the exception of a few people, and they're dropping like flies as part of the coalition.’
    • ‘Without further ado he resigned from all positions and went it alone, collecting a wealth of frictional experiences on the way.’
    • ‘There were opportunities to get better deals and other financial charges that we could shed if we went it alone.’
    • ‘But the man who led England's successful bid six years ago admits he advised the Scots they would have had a better chance of winning the UEFA vote this December if they had gone it alone without the Irish.’
    • ‘She also told me that ever since I'd gone it alone in life, I'd done everything right and that even though she was merely a neighbour, she was proud of me as if I were her own.’
    • ‘Until that time, the upstart society had gone it alone, taking over as the city-authorized fundraising arm for the tram project.’
    • ‘They've gone it alone, when they should have assembled a whole team.’