Definition of go-kart in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡōˌkärt/ /ˈɡoʊˌkɑrt/

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  • A small racing car having a lightweight or skeleton body and powered by a two-stroke engine.

    ‘There will be classic and vintage cars, racing cars, go-carts, bikes, trucks, service vehicles and just about anything else with wheels.’
    • ‘The Sonoma track offers a diverse calendar of racing events, from go-karts to motorcycles, drag racing, stock cars and sports cars.’
    • ‘They are referred to as go karts, go carts, go-karts, shifter karts, gokarts and many other differently spelled variations.’
    • ‘In all, he competed in only 23 car races between go-karts and F1.’
    • ‘I grew up on a farm and I was an only child and my parents ran a road construction company, my dad used to build little go-karts for me, so I raced a lot of go-karts and dirt bikes when I was growing up.’
    • ‘One of these houses remained empty for years (the speculation was that it was haunted following the mysterious death of the owner), and had the perfect drive for racing go-karts, bikes and skateboards.’
    • ‘Green's father, David, is a former drag racer who started his sons in go-karts and late models.’
    • ‘I've played around with some go-karts here and there, but nothing to speak of.’
    • ‘My 6-year-old son Dominic and I have been spending as much time as possible in our go-karts.’
    • ‘Oh yes, go-karts, boats, been all sorts of cars, so this was where I found I could play with big horsepower and be safe.’
    • ‘He also covered motocross, powerboats, touring cars and go-karts, but F1 was his major arena.’
    • ‘As the swarm of go-karts completes its final warm-up lap and hurtles across the starting line, the race is on.’
    • ‘‘I started racing go-karts at age eight and that was when I started working on cars,’ Green says on his Web site.’
    • ‘McMurray started racing go-karts at 10 and quickly established a winning habit, capturing four U.S. titles.’
    • ‘I've been brought up racing go-karts back home in England.’
    • ‘The first time I raced was in a go-kart at age 8.’
    • ‘That ability dates to when he was 5, running laps in a go-kart as his dad timed him.’
    • ‘When I started racing, I did really well in go-karts and saw I had the talent to do it.’
    • ‘Numerous other activities taking place during the day include 4x4 off-road rides, trade stands, go-karts and motor tests.’
    • ‘He used cameras mounted on go-karts and computer-graphic imagery.’


1950s alteration of go-cart.