Definition of go out the window in English:

go out the window

(also go out of the window)


  • (of a plan or pattern of behavior) no longer exist; disappear.

    • ‘Eric then switched to his electric guitar, and from what I could make out, all set-list plans went out the window as he had to choose songs that would sound good played on an electric rather than an acoustic.’
    • ‘In the early stages, any plans about tactics went out the window.’
    • ‘When she found herself back in lane one 20 minutes before the race all her plans went out the window.’
    • ‘So the menu plan and the budget went out the window, and as there was only one night left we had to make some quick decisions.’
    • ‘My game plan went out of the window within a few minutes as it was so cold that my arms started to stiffen up and I had to change stroke every 50 to 100 yards.’
    • ‘However, that plan quickly went out of the window as Blake's smart pass and turn sent Healy away down the right.’
    • ‘The first part of Mayo's plan has gone out the window.’
    • ‘All plans to save will go out the window if one parent is not around to bring in an income.’
    • ‘And if growth comes in sharply lower than Brown expects, all the parties' plans would go out of the window.’
    • ‘I'd pick up drugs straight away and my plans went out of the window.’