Definition of go steady in English:

go steady


  • Have a regular romantic or sexual relationship with a particular person.

    • ‘she started going steady with Sebastian’
    • ‘Rebellious older daughter Esti is going steady with a soldier, but they're having a hard time finding privacy.’
    • ‘It's a crush that I'm betting will quickly progress to going steady.’
    • ‘I was so naive, I thought he was using some cool, mature way to describe going steady or going out.’
    • ‘I don't usually go steady with anyone because I would feel like I'm tied down or something.’
    • ‘I did went steady with Zack but that was ancient history.’
    • ‘I was at a beach party and I ended kissing another guy that I had gone steady with before.’
    • ‘In fact, we've been going steady for so long that he's the only guy I ever went out with.’
    • ‘We started dating and going steady and all that.’
    • ‘The long and short of it is he was actually going steady with the most popular girl in the group but didn't have the guts to tell me.’
    • ‘I've already asked her to a dance and she said she already had a date, so I think she's going steady with somebody else.’
    married, wed, wedded, joined in marriage, joined in matrimony, united in wedlock