Definition of go to town in English:

go to town


  • Do something thoroughly, enthusiastically, or extravagantly.

    • ‘I thought I'd go to town on the redecoration’
    • ‘Don't miss this deep-house extravaganza where I'm sure he'll go to town.’
    • ‘This nonsense has been forced on the security staff by the EU, but even more so by the media who went to town on the security arrangements simply because some people were able to breach the security systems at the airport.’
    • ‘And here Emma really went to town, playing some superb shots and grabbing her biggest victory in the competition, a conclusive 6-2 win.’
    • ‘‘I really went to town with the garden,’ said Mr Hamshaw.’
    • ‘There probably are other trusts that would be interested if I really went to town on a campaign, but I'm just too old.’
    • ‘What might have happened was bad, indeed, but the way the two sister wings of our armed forces went to town with charges against each other was, of course, much worse.’
    • ‘But other newspapers picked it up and went to town with it.’
    • ‘But I feel my mum really went to town with this meal.’
    • ‘Yesterday the spammers went to town on my inbox; I got about 100 pieces of spam in a 10 hour period.’
    • ‘The Victorians really went to town on their Valentine cards, and the production of Valentine cards commenced in earnest in those times.’