Definition of go to waste in English:

go to waste


  • Be unused or expended to no purpose.

    ‘it would be a terrible shame to see those years go to waste’
    • ‘With a daily outflow of 450 million litres, that's a lot of potentially very useful water going to waste.’
    • ‘Did the parents who saw their kids at the protest have any concerns about their tuition dollars going to waste?’
    • ‘Another reason I have started the practice at least on a small scale is that I hate to see so much potential going to waste.’
    • ‘Water is going to waste while others are without this vital commodity.’
    • ‘It was just a hobby, I didn't like to see anything going to waste.’
    • ‘The coffee harvest has been going to waste, everyday life has been disrupted.’
    • ‘Planning your meals ahead may save you money and lots of food and drink going to waste in the bin or down the drain’
    • ‘Most students do not know about this book dumping, and great books are going to waste.’
    • ‘Often patients fail to turn up without any warning and it means their slot, which could have been taken by someone else, goes to waste.’
    • ‘That is why even today all the rice that is grown in Western Province goes to waste because there is no market for it.’