Definition of goalie in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡōlē/ /ˈɡoʊli/

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another term for goaltender or goalkeeper
‘Even in indoor lacrosse they dress like hockey goalies, with a huge chest protector and huge gloves.’
  • ‘He adds that goalies must let their defensemen and forwards come back and get the puck behind the goal line.’
  • ‘Bleeding superstars, inebriated goalies and headhunting defensemen were commonplace.’
  • ‘The playoffs are when goalies, anonymous outside of their own area, get to show their stuff to a larger audience.’
  • ‘The crackdown has been particularly tough on defenseman and goalies, who have to work in traffic in front of the net.’
  • ‘Hockey goalies head to the bench if they can't keep the frozen hunk of rubber from flying past them.’
  • ‘The goalie coaches and the way the goalies play make it really tough for the goal scorers.’
  • ‘Because most goalies catch with their left hand, right wingers have a big advantage taking this shot.’
  • ‘First, championship goalies are as scarce as square wooden pucks.’
  • ‘He sometimes carried defensemen with him as he zoomed in on goalies.’
  • ‘As in any tournament, the goalie will have a great deal to do with how far this team goes.’
  • ‘So what does it feel like to face a breakaway, when it's all left up to the goalie?’
  • ‘Seriously though, as a defender you need that kind of positive communication from your goalie.’
  • ‘He plays more like a sweeper than a goalie, clearing the ball before the forward can even get to it.’
  • ‘They keep goalies guessing because they can go side to side.’
  • ‘No matter how good the opposing goalie is, he can be distracted by traffic in front of his net.’
  • ‘If you're a goalie, you've got to know what the other side is going to try and do as best yon can.’
  • ‘The goalie will rant and rave and say they have to get through it out on the pitch, but sometimes it's better they have a rest.’
  • ‘Their goalie did not have a worthwhile save to make, but some of our lads need games to get their match fitness up to scratch.’
  • ‘The goalie retreated, with head bowed in contrition, as the ref showed him the yellow card.’