Definition of goatskin in English:



  • 1The skin of a goat.

    • ‘Inside hang sheepskins, saddlebags, the goatskin that Hector and Lalo skinned yesterday to make chaps, a shopping bag reading I LOVE YOU.’
    • ‘Unveiled women volunteer shy smiles as they continue with their chores: scrubbing pans, spinning wool, or in one case churning butter in a goatskin suspended from a wooden tripod.’
    • ‘Soft goatskins and sheepskins were laid out so the fighters didn't damage each other any more than necessary.’
    • ‘Legend has it that, struggling with altitude sickness and tropical bugs, he has crawled into caves to rescue music written on goatskins and covered with bird and bat droppings.’
    • ‘Behind us came the five baggage camels, loaded down with goatskins of water.’
    • ‘In The Shadow Of The Sun, he recounts innumerable random acts of kindness from a truck driver who shares his last goatskin of water with him when they break down in the Sahara to the doctors who save his life.’
    • ‘Lots of us have been embarrassed by mum flashing pictures of us naked as babies on the goatskin rug.’
    • ‘It's like a pear-shaped instrument, but this one, you can see the neck is long and the body is half a tree, covered in skin, covered in goatskin and the strings are made of gut.’
    • ‘To complete the effect, she makes Jacob wear goatskin to approximate Esau's hairiness, a maneuver that successfully deceives Isaac and results in Isaac's mistakenly blessing him instead of Esau.’
    • ‘‘Obviously, if you are a traditional musician then you must bang on something, a piece of goatskin or half dead animal,’ laughs Matheson.’
    • ‘It was noticeable, however, that most of the lead drummers (‘lolay’ men) maintained their allegiance to goatskin.’
    • ‘This rare ornament would have been a beaded replica of the traditional men's umutsha belt, the front of which comprised the isinene, made of animal tails or strips of leather, and the back the ibheshu, a square piece of goatskin.’
    • ‘He describes the life-enhancing delight of still being capable of celebrating the dance of the Padstow horse, ‘chasing sweet lusty Spring with pipes, goatskin and goats’.’
    • ‘He makes goatskins into garments, using a nail as a needle.’
    • ‘The first of its two sections consisted of ‘Pelts,’ 12 brightly dyed goatskins pinned to the walls.’
    • ‘A traditional game among the Afar, an ethnic group, is kwosso, in which the goal is to keep a ball made of rolled goatskins (resembling a soccer ball) away from the opposing team.’
    • ‘The Ondangwa based Northern Tannery, which is operating under EPZ status, has so far invested N $42 million in the plant that is initially expected to process 500 hides and 1000 sheep and goatskins per month for export.’
    1. 1.1mass noun Leather made from the skin of a goat.
      ‘morocco is fashioned from goatskin’
      as modifier ‘a goatskin tent’
      • ‘Zulu men, for instance, sport the amabheshu, a type of apron of goatskin or leather worn at the back.’
      • ‘They appear to have been constructed of greased leather stretched over a wooden frame containing goatskin bags which could be filled with water for submerging and then squeezed out for surfacing.’
      • ‘Tuareg and Hausa craftsmen are famous for their fancy leather work - beautiful boots, colorful sandals, and goatskin bags.’
      • ‘Among other equally despicable practices associated with this day was the lashing of young women by two young men, clad only in a bit of goatskin and wielding goatskin thongs, who had been smeared with blood of sacrificial goats and dogs.’
      • ‘At least I have Mark's goatskin parchments, witness to His words.’
      • ‘Men also wear frilly goatskin bands on their arms and legs.’
      • ‘Its chief industries are yogurt processing, the production of goatskin clothing and farming.’
      • ‘The ruffians wore goatskin hats, gritty cloaks, and leggings of leather, all diffusing the odor of a hundred bathless nights and days.’
      • ‘As Ramon and Hector pull on goatskin chaps and nylon slickers, we head up-valley, following the faint trails left by huemules, Patagonia's endangered red deer.’
      • ‘Only the thigh-length, brown and white goatskin boots with cloven toes offer any indication that here sits the most outlandish, controversial female musician of her generation.’
      • ‘Greek fondness for resinated wine originated in antiquity when goatskin wine bags and later wooden barrels were sealed with resin to prevent leakage.’
      • ‘She had a sudden image of herself, unkempt and twiggy, with a long beard and goatskin clothes, chasing lizards.’
      • ‘For new work, one of Fox's favorite cover materials is goatskin and not just because of its soft white pattern and texture.’
      • ‘The soft yet exceptionally durable goatskin is water repellent to protect in foul weather.’
      • ‘The summer sun started to shine, and he discarded the heavy wet goatskin, deciding that he now had no need to carry its weight.’
      • ‘Clad in stinking goatskin, Selkirk greeted the Englishmen who saw him from their ship.’
      • ‘Men go naked, and the women may wear goatskin skirts.’
      • ‘The image of a goat rampant on a field of strawberry and lime yogurt is a tribute to two of our main industries - the production of goatskin clothing and yogurt processing.’
      • ‘Women of the northern nomadic tribes, for example, wear gorfa, a sheepskin or goatskin dyed red or black and wrapped around the body, held in place with a leather cord and a rope belt.’
      • ‘The head is adorned with a papakha, a fur cap of sheep or goatskin with the fleece side out, which hangs down over the forehead.’
    2. 1.2A garment or object made out of goatskin.
      ‘goatskins belted across their chests’
      • ‘Canteens and goatskins had been half-drained before this was discovered by unfortunate soldiers seeking to slake their thirst.’
      • ‘And occasionally the pair produce more than just scented goatskins.’
      • ‘The family then begins reveling in their salvation, drinking wine from goatskins.’
      • ‘She also covered his hands and the smooth part of his neck with the goatskins.’
      • ‘Armed only with a satchel full of food, and a goatskin full of water, Gilbart had been given the assignment of walking straight through the Desert of Purification.’
      • ‘Odysseus walked up to the cave with a goatskin full of wine.’
      • ‘And so the word gets around, much like it did when Memete was carried in three decades ago on a goatskin.’
      • ‘After taking a couple of gulps, she placed the goatskin down and called Will over.’
      • ‘She tasted the wine, which had both power and grace, and smelled a little of the goatskin.’
      • ‘A statue of him, adorning the house where he was born, shows him in goatskins, gazing out over what would have been a busy fishing port in his day.’