Definition of god-man in English:



  • 1Indian derogatory A holy man; a guru.

    ‘he was not allowed to interrogate god-man Chandra Swami’
    • ‘We know several such fake god-men and claimants of divinity amongst humans.’
    • ‘For certain Islam does not authorize laymen, or even god-men, to take law into their own hands.’
    • ‘Again the so-called god-men and diviners claim to possess powers.’
    • ‘Corporations, that utilise the occasions and places of their discourses to advertise and market their products, are liberally funding a number of god-men and women.’
    • ‘In particular, you should read it just to understand the depth of belief in god-men and the supernatural that exists even today in India.’
    • ‘They were featured in the British documentary ‘Guru Busters’, which followed Rationalists around India as they demonstrated how the god-men perform their ‘miracles’ without doing anything supernatural.’
  • 2An incarnation of a god in human form.

    ‘The titles were all hollow now: Aetius the Patrician, Father of the Emperor, Savior of Rome, the god-man who had astounded the world by routing Attila in Gaul; Aetius, Last of the Romans, besides the pope.’
    ‘Archbishop Philip Wilson's private secretary reported that, in response to the revelations about the god-man, ‘The Archbishop is discussing the matter with his advisors.’’