Definition of godetia in English:



  • A North American plant with showy lilac to red flowers.

    Genus Clarkia (or Godetia), family Onagraceae

    ‘It's a mix of corn cockle, godetia, honeywort, and California poppies that came up on its own several years ago and has been self-sowing for repeat performances ever since.’
    • ‘The lower bed holds mostly annuals including yellow and orange nemesias, and pink godetias.’
    • ‘At Pheasant Hill Farm now (mid-April) we have six greenhouse benches overflowing with flowers - Blue Horizon ageratum, statice, celosias, gomphrena, cinnamon basil, campanula, lisianthus, godetia, euphorbia, and many, many more.’
    • ‘Annuals like godetia, nemesia, and schizanthus bloom in spring.’



/ɡəˈdēSHə/ /ɡəˈdiʃə/


Modern Latin, named after Charles H. Godet (1797–1879), Swiss botanist.