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  • 1in combination A person who attends a specified place or event, especially regularly.

    ‘a churchgoer’
    • ‘conference-goers’
    • ‘Some agencies run events for gym goers, while one service aims to match skiers and snowboarders, so colliding on the slopes takes on a whole new meaning.’
    • ‘And the festival goers who attended the grand opening were similarly enthusiastic.’
    • ‘The break-ins had escalated in frequency in the last few weeks with the thieves targeting the cars of people attending funerals, mass goers and cars in Oughvale Woods to name but a few locations.’
    • ‘Regular show goers saw the return of the popular sheep show, including a live shearing, and the return of the Tug Of War competition, which was won by Harrogate Young Farmers.’
    • ‘Regular IKEA goers will recognise that the real work comes in the perusal of the magazine, testing of the furniture and checking the specification in person.’
    • ‘Research released by the RNID in May showed more than two thirds of regular gig goers have ringing in their ears or suffer hearing problems after the events.’
    • ‘A regular Mass goer, Christina was a devout Christian lady who remained ever true to her deeply held faith.’
    • ‘As a regular non-smoking pub goer and a former ex-barman let me assure you that I have never had a choice.’
    • ‘One does not have to be a regular mass goer to have good ideas, and in fact by addressing your problems with the Church we might find the best way forward.’
    • ‘It has proved exceedingly popular with regular gallery goers and scholars.’
    • ‘Thousands of regular pub goers in Ireland have voiced their anger over the ban.’
    • ‘Sure, other conference goers had told me they too were worried about the accommodations.’
    • ‘Ms. Murphy, who was a daily Mass goer and active member of her parish's pastoral council, was driving to work in a supermarket in Dungarvan when the accident occurred.’
    • ‘Those club members who tan or get massages will be the easiest to transform into regular spa goers.’
    • ‘There are also systemic changes to the behaviour of the regular pub goers.’
    • ‘Festival goers have been given designated routes to the event - vehicle access is from the A64 York-bound carriageway only.’
    • ‘Despite these problems, festival goers were full of praise for the event.’
    • ‘As a Labor voter, unionist, republican, Greenpeace member and non-church goer, I would assume many points of disagreement between us.’
    • ‘But what Pete and Katrina can vouch for is a degree of comfort at their events that could convert the most hardened anti-festival goers.’
    • ‘Often conference goers are anxious to get early places in the meal queue, but although we had gone overtime for lunch, Nigel captivated the room.’
  • 2 informal with adjective A person or thing that goes in a specified way.

    • ‘horse no. 7 is a fast goer’
    1. 2.1A project likely to be accepted or to succeed.
      • ‘if the business is a goer, the entrepreneur moves on’



/ˈɡō(ə)r/ /ˈɡoʊ(ə)r/