Definition of going-away in English:


(also going away)

Pronunciation /ˈɡōiNGəˈwā/ /ˈɡoʊɪŋəˈweɪ/


  • Marking or celebrating a departure.

    ‘a going-away party’
    • ‘As far as any of us can tell, there hasn't been any sort of effort made to plan any sort of going-away party or whatever for her departure, which, as much as I can't stand her, is really sad for someone who has worked at a place for six years.’
    • ‘The course and club staff threw a going-away party for him at the Strand Bar in Strandhill last month, where the veteran was given a presentation of a television and DVD player, in recognition of his fondness for films.’
    • ‘His going-away party started in the afternoon, and I was around for the beginning, but I had to leave for a four-hour shift at my janitor's job.’
    • ‘Kevin organised a going-away party in Greaney's on Friday night last, September 20, and will shortly be leaving for Ghana on voluntary work.’
    • ‘But friends who released photos taken that night say Lori and Mark seemed happy at a going-away party held in their honor.’
    • ‘Anytime we were having an office function or maybe a going-away party for a member of our staff we always retired to Paddy's for the get-together.’
    • ‘Before I left I had a going-away party and I took many photos of my friends with a new digital camera I had been given as a present.’
    • ‘One night shortly before Levi left the last time, the family held a going-away party in the garage.’
    • ‘This is the weird cake they gave me at the obligatory awkward going-away party at my old job.’
    • ‘Some wanted to give me a going-away party or present, others wanted me to bring them something back as souvenirs when I get back, while few couldn't care less if I go or not.’
    • ‘I used to work next door and for my going-away celebration at Figaro's my boss didn't even show.’
    • ‘By popular demand, I'm considering whether to have a little going-away thingy after work next Friday with the people at my office whom I like.’
    • ‘I played a going-away show with Tommy Banks a few weeks ago; and have done plenty of gigs as a bandleader in my own right.’
    • ‘And I had to do some flitting around anyway, because my friend Noel is moving back to Dublin and had a bit of an informal going-away bash.’
    • ‘He also left a going-away present by making available the unaccompanied raps from all 14 of the album's songs.’
    • ‘The going-away fête was held in the Transportation Committee room.’
    • ‘I got her a lunchbox as a going-away present, but there's a story behind it.’
    • ‘When she saw the guy years later, she thanked him for the lovely going-away present.’
    • ‘If it's not too late, negotiate some going-away perks.’
    • ‘Ten years later, he left the industry to retire but not without sharing a going-away gift of $50,000.’


  • With victory assured before the end of a race or other sporting contest.

    • ‘Jordan finished the game with 20 points and Detroit won going away’