Definition of goniometer in English:



  • An instrument for the precise measurement of angles, especially one used to measure the angles between the faces of crystals.

    • ‘Measuring the femoral tibial angle with a goniometer is a more accurate way to quantify angulation.’
    • ‘On the photograph that was later printed, lines were drawn between the markers and the horizontal floor to create intersecting lines that could be measured by a goniometer.’
    • ‘Range of motion was measured with a goniometer, and the side-to-side differences for extension and flexion were calculated.’
    • ‘We constructed a goniometer to measure angularly resolved light scattering.’
    • ‘Angular resolved spectra of surface samples were obtained using a homemade goniometer.’


Mid 18th century from French goniomètre, from Greek gōnia ‘angle’ + French -mètre ‘(instrument) measuring’.