Definition of good evening in English:

good evening

Pronunciation /ɡo͝od ˈēv(ə)niNG/ /ɡʊd ˈiv(ə)nɪŋ/

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  • Expressing good wishes on meeting or parting during the evening.

    ‘When they gave back the items they thanked him for his time and wished him a good evening.’
    • ‘Good evening Larry and good evening to your panel.’
    • ‘He placed it in a bag and tipped his hat (he didn't even bother to see if Julius had an invitation), and wished us a good evening.’
    • ‘I want to say good evening and good evening to your panel, and a special fantastic compliment to Nancy Grace.’
    • ‘Officer Kern wished them a good evening on the other end of the phone and Toby hung up.’
    • ‘If you're a gallery owner, for example, you're teaching from the time you greet your employees in the morning to the time you wish the last customer of the day a good evening.’
    • ‘Yes, good evening, thank you for taking my call, Larry.’
    • ‘Once again, good evening, and welcome back to Jerusalem.’
    • ‘Sandy, if you happen to be watching tonight, good evening.’
    • ‘Remember when I came on earlier I said good evening - I meant good morning.’
    • ‘They walked out and Brezhnev said to the sun which was already low, ‘My dear Sun, good evening.’’
    • ‘He'd come in and say good evening, then say something very witty and charming and then it would proceed to be a television show where people were getting cut up.’
    • ‘Well, there are people out there who are offended when we say good evening.’
    • ‘He went up to a guy in a diner and said, good evening, I'd like you to meet Mike Wallace.’
    • ‘‘To all the citizens of the Independent Colony of Rapture I say good evening,’ the female chancellor began.’
    • ‘And we say good evening to you back in New York City.’
    • ‘‘Well good evening, sweeties,’ she said, with a naturally flirtatious smile.’
    • ‘Thera thanked the Doctor and bid him good evening.’
    • ‘Joe, and the man from Kentucky, my good friend - good evening.’
    • ‘A big thank you to Jack Hanna and good evening everyone.’