Definition of good-quality in English:



  • Of a high standard.

    ‘use homemade ice cream, or buy a good-quality luxury brand’
    • ‘Trained in California, Fuller had returned to his home state only to run into trouble trying to find good-quality vegetables for his dishes.’
    • ‘Good-quality wine can be made only from vines with a sufficient area of healthy leaves exposed to sunlight.’
    • ‘Good-quality black coal was discovered in the Hunter Valley, 150 kilometres north of Sydney, in the 1790s.’
    • ‘Serve warm, with good-quality vanilla ice cream.’
    • ‘The phone's camera gives impressive results and is capable of taking good-quality images in the right lighting conditions.’
    • ‘But there is surely no substitute for good-quality, probing journalism.’
    • ‘The current generation of computers and software make it feasible for independents to create good-quality comic books without a huge outlay of capital.’
    • ‘If you don't have access to good-quality fresh ricotta, skip it entirely; don't use the bland supermarket stuff.’
    • ‘Our biggest goal is getting consumers good-quality music in the format that they want it in - a digital one.’
    • ‘It is an extremely simple dish to prepare and, provided you have the freshest ingredients and good-quality extra virgin olive oil, you can't go wrong.’