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nounplural noun goosefish, plural noun goosefishes

North American
  • A bottom-dwelling anglerfish.

    Also called monkfish

    Family Lophiidae: several species, in particular Lophius americanus of North American waters

    ‘A curious and unwary fish would become a meal when the goosefish inhaled and quickly engulfed its prey.’
    • ‘Since the goosefish is found very deep in the ocean it is a cold water fish.’
    • ‘In addition to being squat and rather ugly looking, goosefishes have a ‘fishing lure’ on top of their head.’
    • ‘The goosefish is practically invisible lying flattened, with its darkly marbled skin matching the bottom color and the outline of its body obliterated by a fringe of branched skin flaps.’
    • ‘According to the study, some 8,600 tons of blackfin goosefish, roughly 15% of the total population of the species, were caught in just one season, in 2001.’



/ˈɡo͞osˌfiSH/ /ˈɡusˌfɪʃ/