Definición de gopak en Inglés


(also hopak)

Pronunciación /ˈɡōpak/ /ˈɡoʊpæk/


  • An energetic Ukrainian dance in duple time, traditionally performed by men.

    ‘In a popular folk dance called the hopak, male dancers compete against each other, performing acrobatic leaps.’
    • ‘The hopak was first danced by the Cossack of the Zaporhizian Sich in the sixteenth century and spread to the rest of Ukraine.’
    • ‘It was exciting, and always got the crowd going, with much clapping, expostulation and dancing of the gopak.’
    • ‘Traditional dances - kozachok, hopak, metelytsia, kolomyika, hutsulka, and arkan - differ by rhythmic figures, choreography, region, and sometimes by gender, but share a duple meter.’


1920s via Russian, from Ukrainian hopak.