Definition of Gospel side in English:

Gospel side


  • (in a church) the north side of the altar, at which the Gospel is read.

    • ‘When all the candles on the Gospel side are out then extinguish those on the Epistle side.’
    • ‘All stand as the Priest moves to the far Gospel side where he reads the Gospel of John 1: 1-14 from the Mass Card on the Gospel side.’
    • ‘A lector read the Old Testament at the Gospel side of the altar.’
    • ‘After the Epistle he goes over to the Gospel side and reads the Gospel.’
    • ‘He returns to the middle, genuflects, kisses the Altar, and, withdrawing slightly to the Gospel side, says Dominus vobiscum.’
    • ‘The one on the Epistle side overhangs a statue of St Brigid with the oak leaf, while under that on the Gospel side is a figure of St Columcille, in his hand the Psalter, and at his feet the Irish crown he left for a heavenly one.’
    • ‘Enter following choir clergy and wheel back against front Gospel side pew.’