Definition of gospelize in English:



(also gospelise)
  • 1 rare with object Preach the Gospel to; convert to Christianity.

  • 2Convert (a piece of music) to the style of gospel music.

    ‘she gospelizes the hymn “Let There Be Peace.”’
    • ‘The group experiments with gospelized soul and stuttering break beats, and it makes the collaborations matter.’
    • ‘Ignore the latter, in which a self-pitying Kelly enumerates his woes in gospelised ballads.’
    • ‘A recurring theme of the recording session/program seemed to be gospelizing pop songs.’
    • ‘In September 1994, she brought her joyous, gospelized, roots-rocking celebration to the Majestic in Detroit.’
    • ‘In fact, if you can't come to party, don't bother knocking on his door, because from the first gospelised bars of the title track onward, Prince is out to rediscover joy.’
    • ‘There's a wonderfully gospelized read of ‘Matter of Time,’ with Costello, that adds a completely new meaning to the tune.’
    • ‘Did they try and gospelise any terrace chants?’
    • ‘Ehrlich proposed that the threesome tackle Rae's Like a Star, Legend's Coming Home and a gospelized Gravity.’
    • ‘I saw the tour when it hit here and yes, Fantasia gospelizes quite a bit of her music.’
    • ‘Yours truly wrapped with Dylan's ‘Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues’ and gospelized with a tribute to last year's departed Curtis Mayfield, ‘People Get Ready’.’
    • ‘But how could we ignore their gospelised rendition of the ultimate soul cheating song, ‘Dark End of the Street’ for this list?’
    • ‘The connection with the crowd must surely flow from the insistent grooves that they establish, particularly on the piano, reminiscent of euphoric, gospelized keyboard breaks in the best house tunes.’
    • ‘We sing Black Gospel Music including Spirituals; traditional, contemporary and original Gospel Music; gospelized Christmas songs; peace and freedom songs.’
    • ‘Wilco's ‘Let Me Come Home’ is a rough gospelized love song that their fans will go ga-ga over.’
    • ‘Steam and smoke are rising in clouds from the audience of whistle-toters as the gospelised dance anthem Come Together is followed by the filling-loosening bass riff of Loaded, the group's l990 chart break-through.’



/ˈɡäspəˌlīz/ /ˈɡɑspəˌlaɪz/