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  • 1A connoisseur of good food; a person with a discerning palate.

    ‘Now gourmets can treat their palates to real Turkish food.’
    • ‘From September 1 to October 31, a German Food Festival offers gourmets the opportunity to enjoy typical German cuisine in a festive atmosphere reminiscent of the region.’
    • ‘The three-day food fiesta provided the gourmets the opportunity to savour cuisines from various corners of the country and abroad.’
    • ‘Another food and drink festival is now over, but gourmets and gourmands alike will already be looking forward to whetting their palates at next year's.’
    • ‘Those who like to savour exotic dishes from around the globe have never had it so good, what with increasing numbers of speciality restaurants opening their doors to discerning gourmets.’
    • ‘The French, supposedly a nation of gourmets, also had good things to say about Scottish food, showing a liking for dishes such as haggis.’
    • ‘The redoubtable chefs have prepared an expansive range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes to satisfy the true gourmets.’
    • ‘The food is fine but will not satisfy the gourmets.’
    • ‘As gourmets of the world acknowledge, Chinese food vies with that of France for world supremacy.’
    • ‘But the days when Italian gourmets thought Scarborough had nothing to offer but fish and chips - and that English tastes ran to little more than pork pies, steak and kidney pud, and baked beans - are over.’
    • ‘They were rewarded in style for dreaming up and creating delectable ice cream and confectionery and whetting the appetites of ultra-discerning gourmets from across the globe.’
    • ‘The lip-smacking aroma of the moist kebabs spreads through the restaurant, ‘Aromas,’ enticing the gourmets.’
    • ‘It is happening at the best of restaurants in town, a fusion of the cuisine of the West and East to delight the adventurous gourmets.’
    • ‘And, in the sincere belief that artists know how to eat well, I was off again in search of grub that would make gourmets weep with joy.’
    • ‘So gourmets, keep your belly free to fill up with different tastes of India and abroad, during this weekend.’
    • ‘International gourmets, nutritionists and local media are invited to judge the barbecues.’
    • ‘Two gourmets were discussing the many ways of cooking aubergines.’
    • ‘The dishes satiate the gourmets, who are conscious of their calories, but want to enjoy good food.’
    • ‘Hotels in the city are busy wooing gourmets with food.’
    • ‘When a traveling newspaper editor teams up with a gourmet cook and restaurant writer, they seek out getaways for gourmets.’
    gastronome, epicure, epicurean
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    1. 1.1as modifier Of a kind or standard suitable for a gourmet.
      ‘a gourmet meal’
      • ‘But take the train from Dublin to Cork and you can enjoy gourmet meals and a trolley service etc.’
      • ‘Today wild rice with its nutty flavour and chewy texture is considered a delicacy, often served as part of gourmet meals.’
      • ‘Our cook Rona somehow conjures up gourmet meals from a galley no bigger than a telephone box.’
      • ‘I became the house husband, and got quite good at cooking gourmet meals in our very nicely equipped kitchen.’
      • ‘The restaurant serves gourmet meals three times daily and we are promised they can choose from a fine selection of wines.’
      • ‘They both had that great French talent for making gourmet meals from ordinary materials.’
      • ‘Organic herbs and vegetables grown on site add distinctive flavors and freshness to gourmet meals.’
      • ‘You'll be served a gourmet meal as you speed along and arrive relaxed and refreshed.’
      • ‘Had I gone for the full three course meal, I could have started with a choice of gourmet soup or seafood chowder.’
      • ‘When harvested they make even the simplest meal seem like a gourmet delight.’
      • ‘It wouldn't be much of a gourmet meal, but it would satisfy their rumbling stomachs.’
      • ‘For lunch that day we decided to cook a gourmet meal as we had all the time in the world.’
      • ‘She discovers that premium rum and gourmet chocolate are unexpectedly thrilling partners’
      • ‘Ultimately, this gourmet feast of pan-Asian delicacy was a success, for the artists and those who attended.’
      • ‘Native Australian oysters will be on gourmet menus around the world next year, as growers in New South Wales gear up to export.’
      • ‘As well as having plenty of fine jazz and gourmet cheeses the club is ensuring people who like a drop or two will certainly not be disappointed.’
      • ‘From his small farm, Charles produces yoghurt, drinking yoghurt and now gourmet goat ice cream as well as cheese.’
      • ‘All who attended enjoyed an evening of gourmet seafood, culinary delights & fine wine.’
      • ‘Dinner for two in the hotel's gourmet restaurant costs around £45, with wine.’
      • ‘A wide range of gourmet sausages will be available on the night.’
      gourmet, gastronomic
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/ˌɡôrˈmā/ /ˌɡɔrˈmeɪ/ /ˌɡo͝orˈmā/ /ˌɡʊrˈmeɪ/


On the distinction between gourmet and gourmand, see gourmand


Early 19th century French, originally meaning ‘wine taster’, influenced by gourmand.