Definition of grackle in English:



  • 1A songbird of the American blackbird family, the male of which has shiny black plumage with a blue-green sheen.

    Several genera and species, family Icteridae, in particular the common grackle (Quiscalus quiscula)

    ‘In this study, we focused on a group of birds within the family Icteridae termed the grackles and allies.’
    • ‘Instead of our winter visitors that left us for more northern areas, we now have grackles, red-wings and cowbirds.’
    • ‘The common birds included grackles, blackbirds, catbirds, and lots and lots of robins.’
    • ‘Central Park is rife with robins, great with grackles, and burgeoning with blue jays.’
    • ‘Cracked corn is a favorite of mourning doves, grackles and juncos.’
    • ‘Above, a white stork stands surrounded by boat-tailed grackles in Lion Country Safari, a bird sanctuary in Palm Beach, Florida.’
    • ‘Well-adapted to urban environments, grackles, crows, ravens, blackbirds, and jays thrive everywhere we do.’
    • ‘I went down towards the creek and found a huge flock of robins, grackles and red-winged blackbirds foraging.’
    • ‘Even a casual neighborhood search will turn up a surprising variety, including doves, cardinals, bluejays, grackles, a handful of sparrows and at least two or three species guaranteed to make you reach for your field guide.’
    • ‘If jays, grackles, and other large birds are crowding out smaller birds, switch to a feeder that discriminates, or blocks, them, but not the smaller, more desirable birds.’
    • ‘Chickadees, cardinals, doves, and robins came and went, and a grackle made a racket in the woods.’
    • ‘There are great-tailed grackles everywhere singing into the night - they sound like dolphins in the trees.’
    • ‘If larger birds such as grackles are a problem, choose feeders designed for small birds, such as a thistle tube or hanging globe.’
    • ‘As I was washing the dishes, a grackle landed in the grass outside the kitchen window.’
    • ‘The grackles and starlings looked especially handsome; I guess the spectacular weather is an excuse for everyone to wear their finery.’
  • 2Another term for an Asian mynah or starling, with mainly black plumage.

    Gracula and other genera, family Sturnidae; southern grackleis another term for

    • ‘I heard a distant flock of blackbirds gathering for the night - starlings and grackles, perhaps.’



/ˈɡrak(ə)l/ /ˈɡræk(ə)l/


Late 18th century from modern Latin Gracula, from Latin graculus ‘jackdaw’.