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grade crossing

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North American
  • A place where a railroad and a road, or two railroad lines, cross at the same level.

    British term level crossing

    ‘Greg Roper has grown accustomed to the nightly freight trains that rumble past his Vista, California home, blowing their warning horns as they approach a grade crossing on North Street.’
    • ‘Several crew members later explained that a freight train ahead of us had hit an auto at a grade crossing near Fayetteville, NC, and nothing could move since a fatality had resulted.’
    • ‘Since this was not designed to be a transfer station, we had to walk west to a grade crossing, cross over, and then walk east to a shelter to wait for our next train.’
    • ‘As we crossed a grade crossing to get to the Orlando station, I could see the headlight of our train as it was approaching.’
    • ‘Alan noticed that the engineer did not sound the horn when the train crossed the grade crossing.’
    • ‘He shared some technical knowledge with us as well, letting us know that for each grade crossing, there would be two long blasts of the horn, one short one, and another long one.’
    • ‘‘Some drivers violate grade crossing laws on a regular basis,’ Harshaw said.’
    • ‘There are several grade crossings on the line, including one vehicular crossing and one pedestrian crossing that are both within the Princeton Junction parking lot complex.’
    • ‘After we reached the Connecticut shoreline, we had to slow for the many curves and occasional drawbridges and grade crossings.’
    • ‘‘We expect to see fewer blocked grade crossings, which should improve vehicular movement in the area,’.’
    • ‘I was allowed to blow the whistle for the grade crossings!’
    • ‘But it appears to be a first in the Chicago region, which has a high concentration of grade crossings.’
    • ‘They need to work on public awareness at the grade crossings, as there have been several accidents already.’
    • ‘A freight train on its way to or from Midland rumbles past our front window two or three times a day, often laden with chemical cars, sounding its whistle as it approaches the numerous barrier-less grade crossings at busy streets.’
    • ‘Rebuilding work includes some 20 grade crossings and a new 7.5-mile track section near Colon to support a new container facility.’
    • ‘As grade crossings and track are improved, the Cascades will gain on its 110-mph target.’


grade crossing

/ɡrād ˈkrôsiNG/ /ɡreɪd ˈkrɔsɪŋ/ /ˈkräsiNG/ /ˈkrɑsɪŋ/