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adjectiveadjective grainier, adjective grainiest

  • 1Granular.

    ‘a juicy, grainy texture’
    • ‘A grainy or gritty texture isn't considered a plus in the chocolate world.’
    • ‘The grainy texture of cornmeal makes it a perfect facial scrub.’
    • ‘Its flavour is slightly more earthy than the wheat version, and its texture more grainy.’
    • ‘Stir the mixture until the butter melts and the mixture is a golden caramel-brown colour but still somewhat grainy in texture.’
    • ‘My Toulouse sausages were wonderfully warm and spicy, with a marvellous grainy texture.’
    • ‘Some of the textures are grainy, and not all that attractive to look at in places.’
    • ‘Using a pestle and mortar keeps the texture grainy and avoids making a slimy emulsion.’
    • ‘Even the vanilla buttercream piped onto an otherwise agreeable vanilla cupcake had a grainy, crystallized texture on one of my visits, as if the ratio of butter to sugar had gone astray.’
    • ‘This honey is produced in the spring only, it is white and opaque, which clearly differentiates it from the others, and it has the best texture ever, creamy and slightly grainy.’
    • ‘For many people, the names Derry and Northern Ireland immediately conjure up grainy television images of soldiers on the streets, petrol bomb-lobbing youths, armoured vehicles and palls of smoke.’
    • ‘The film is in black and white, and it's rather grainy, but intentionally so, though possibly from a felicitous combination of low budget and artistic intent.’
    • ‘Thirty-five years ago today, millions of people watched grainy, black and white TV pictures of Neil Armstrong setting foot on the moon.’
    • ‘If you are going to be an infrequent user of your printer, try not to use refillables because they tend to dry around the heads and can cause grainy printing to thorough blockage of your printer head.’
    • ‘Distinctive dishes such as loin of pork cooked in milk, which reduces to provide a grainy sauce, appear in Italian and Spanish cooking.’
    • ‘The difference between the two is that corn flour is less grainy and looks more like flour.’
    • ‘Sucrose molecules can nest together to form sugar crystals, but large crystals are undesirable because they feel grainy in the mouth.’
    powder, powdered, powdery, grainy, granulated, gritty, sandy
    1. 1.1Photography Showing visible grains of emulsion, as characteristic of old photographs or modern high-speed film.
      ‘This work is inseparable from the grainy, vivid texture of 16 mm.’
      • ‘‘I wanted the images to be grainy and kind of gritty.’
      • ‘But I kind of like the grainy, gritty look of the image.’
      • ‘The picture is quite grainy, and fine textures are very soft.’
      • ‘The grainy, indistinct images show a familiar scene: an airport security x-ray checkpoint, much like any that you'd find at airports all around the world.’
    2. 1.2(of sound, especially recorded music or a voice) having a rough or gravelly quality.
      ‘the grainy sound of bootleg cassettes’
      • ‘To my ears, it simply sounds like grainy, muddy ambient music and experiments in granular synthesis.’
      • ‘I found that the sound was kind of grainy at times and seemed to cut out occasionally.’
      • ‘Liam's voice, even though it is distinctive, it's different for the lone fact that no one else could sound as whiney, grainy and completely despondent with everything.’
      • ‘His vocals have a grainy AM-radio quality, but this production effect is used profusely.’
      • ‘An excellent sample of the roots of country music, though the recordings are a little grainy.’
      • ‘Doc has a wide, fat harmonica sound, combined with a warm, grainy voice, and has been a favourite at the Blues Festival.’
      • ‘This intimate setting allows Bennett - whose voice when this was recorded, in 1973, was considerably less grainy than it is now - to practically whisper some of the songs.’
      • ‘Spring, who did not realise the hitman was a wired undercover police officer, can be heard on the grainy recording making a chilling request for the girl to be ‘terminated’.’
      • ‘His grainy voice and big open-tuned acoustic guitar are augmented with a smattering of other instruments; a cello here, a flute or steel guitar there.’
  • 2(of wood) having prominent grain.

    ‘He sat at the sturdy, grainy walnut table.’
    • ‘I merrily strode over to a park table and dropped my laptop, burger, fries and coffee on the grainy, wooden surface.’



/ˈɡrānē/ /ˈɡreɪni/