Definition of gran in English:


Pronunciation /ɡran/ /ɡræn/

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informal British
  • One's grandmother.

    • ‘I'm not your gran, am I?’
    • ‘you know how Gran looks forward to seeing us’
    • ‘Our audience at the Grand in Blackpool will be from 12-year-olds right through to grans and grandads.’
    • ‘Every need is catered for from young children to grans and grandads.’
    • ‘In the magazine survey, almost three quarters of grans said being a grandparent was better than being a parent.’
    • ‘My gran and grandad gave me a brilliant upbringing and I felt successful at school even if I failed.’
    • ‘Grannies today are far removed from grans who were around two decades ago.’
    • ‘And single grans firmly believe that age is no barrier to romance.’
    • ‘You actually want to stop the kids and their grans having a day out?’
    • ‘Everyone else, from children to grans and granddads, looked like they knew what they were doing.’
    • ‘The pair have fond memories of the rural oasis where they spent their summer holidays chasing cows and picking blackberries for their gran's jam.’
    • ‘Someone came up and accused my gran of being uncaring.’
    • ‘It was not going to be the easiest of visits - her gran is quite seriously ill - but she was looking forward to seeing her nevertheless.’
    • ‘The chips reminded me of the home-made ones my gran used to make: they were irregular in size and a nice browny-gold colour.’
    • ‘The doting gran watched from the side as Jackie and Robyn splashed about in the waves then took out her camera to record the moment for posterity.’
    • ‘Straight after the ceremony she rushed to ring her gran, Connie, 75, who was awaiting her call in Swindon.’
    • ‘His gran gave him a bourbon cream and some orange juice instead.’
    • ‘But I know my gran would have wanted me to work hard and to do well at school.’
    • ‘When they were little, he used to take them out every Sunday to their gran's house and I encouraged that.’
    • ‘Mrs Browner's love of perennials and petunias began when her gran gave her a patch of garden to look after as a child.’
    • ‘We didn't have a piano in the house, so I'd go down to my gran's to practise on hers.’
    • ‘She has always been an inspiration to me and if I become a gran, I would want to be just like her.’
    grandma, granny


Mid 19th century abbreviation.