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(also grenadilla)
  • A passion fruit, or the fruit of a related plant.

    This fruit comes from plants of the genus Passiflora, family Passifloraceae, including the giant granadilla (P. quadrangularis), which has large pale fruits

    ‘One of the best perks of the buffet is regional produce, including the granadilla, a yellowish-green fruit with sweet, pomegranate-like seeds.’
    • ‘The names granadilla and water lemon are also used of the fruits of this group, overlapping with the name passion-fruit in a way which necessitates treating them all together.’
    • ‘A pale orange hue marks my favorite, the granadilla drink, made from a passion fruit species native to Central America.’



/ˌɡranəˈdilə/ /ˌɡrænəˈdɪlə/


Late 16th century Spanish, diminutive of granada ‘pomegranate’.