Definition of grand apartheid in English:

grand apartheid


mass nounhistorical
  • (in South Africa) a form of apartheid, prevalent in the 1960s and 1970s, which involved comprehensive racial segregation and measures such as the removal of black people from white areas and the creation of black homelands.

    • ‘With white confidence shaken by Soweto in 1976, more began to ask harder questions about the feasibility of grand apartheid, the viability of the homelands, and the consequences of mass removals.’
    • ‘His death moves South Africa another step away from the era of the armed struggle and the generation that took on grand apartheid.’
    • ‘This smacks of the old South Africa where human beings were mere numbers to be shuffled around in the scheme of grand apartheid with no thought to their well-being or succour.’
    • ‘Grand apartheid was a scheme that depended both on total separation of the races and total subjugation of persons not classified as white.’