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grand tour

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  • 1A cultural tour of Europe formerly undertaken, especially in the 18th century, by a young man of the upper classes as a part of his education.

    ‘the privileged few who made the grand tour’
    • ‘He made the grand tour of Europe in 1853 and came home to Cincinnati to paint romantic Italianate landscapes.’
    • ‘His parents had prospered in the colony and were able to give their son a good education, which included a grand tour of Britain and Europe while he was still in his teens.’
    • ‘At this time it was customary for the sons of the top people to make a grand tour of Europe as part of finishing their education.’
    • ‘The upper-class tradition of the grand tour with travel seen as heightening knowledge and experience had a powerful effect on the organization of exploration and the way it was written up.’
    • ‘For eighteen months, as Sir Humphrey's personal assistant, he travelled with him on a grand tour of Europe.’
    1. 1.1 informal A guided tour of a building, exhibit, etc.
      • ‘he gave me the grand tour of his ranch and studio’
      • ‘Now some stranger was heading to her room to give her a grand tour of the academy building.’
      • ‘Yeah, don't forget about that grand tour you promised.’
      • ‘‘… and that is the official, grand tour of the house,’ JC said, taking the girls back to the front room.’
      • ‘I wasn't going to bother myself with giving her a three hour grand tour.’
      • ‘She didn't mention that she was starving, only hoped that this grand tour would include a sweep through the kitchens.’
      • ‘Explore local parks, check out the shopping scene and ask the parents for a grand tour of the area.’
      • ‘He gave me the grand tour of his ranch and studio and we wound up in a local bar downing cold ones by the end of the day.’
      • ‘Well when you do, I'll give you the grand tour.’
      • ‘I then lead him inside, and he laces his fingers through mine as I take him on ‘the grand tour,’ of my unnervingly spotless house, ending at my room because I feel that it is the most welcoming room in the damned place.’
      • ‘I'll meet you there and give you the grand tour of the capital, if you'd like.’
      • ‘Are you ready for the grand tour of Richmond's?’
      • ‘Yes, but come on, I want to give you a grand tour.’
      • ‘Do I have to remind you that your mother personally asked you to give me the grand tour of the school this morning?’
      • ‘You don't want to miss the grand tour of our home.’
      • ‘Well then who will be Melly's new friend and show her a grand tour of our wonderful school.’
      • ‘In the meantime, why don't I give you all the grand tour of the house?’
      • ‘Well, just put your stuff down over there and I'll give you the grand tour.’
      • ‘‘Here, I'll give you the grand tour,’ I ushered them into the living room.’
      • ‘The grand tour of the house can wait until we return. -’
      • ‘‘But no guest bedroom,’ Lily said after the grand tour was finished.’
  • 2

    (also Grand Tour)
    Any of the three major European professional road cycling races: the Tour de France, the Giro d'Italia, or the Vuelta.

    ‘if he does win he won't just have won a Grand Tour, he'll have beaten one of cycling's greatest riders’
    • ‘Nibali won the Giro on Sunday with a dominating performance, having taken his first Grand Tour title at the 2010 Vuelta.’
    • ‘Italian state broadcaster RAI has signed a four-year extension to its rights deal with 'Grand Tour' cycling event the Giro d'Italia.’
    • ‘Giuseppe Martinelli, Nibali's team director at Astana, has now guided six different riders to a total of seven Grand Tour wins.’
    • ‘Stage winner Ratto attacked his fellow breakaways 60 kilometres from the finish to claim his first Grand Tour victory at 23.’
    • ‘In his Grand Tour debut, the 26-year-old delivered the team's first Grand Tour jersey, the second polka-dot jersey for Australia.’
    • ‘He has been very close to victory in every Grand Tour he has ridden.’


grand tour

/ɡrand ˈto͝o(ə)r/ /ɡrænd ˈtʊ(ə)r/