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  • One's grandmother.

    • ‘Grandma didn't stop talking’
    • ‘Grandma Wendy’
    • ‘At the end, the grandpas and grandmas were treated with a belated but sumptuous Onam feast which the aged from various day care centres and old age homes in the city enjoyed.’
    • ‘Barbara is one of a growing number of grandmas and grandads who attend martial arts sessions in north Manchester in a bid to stay healthy and learn skills to defend themselves if necessary.’
    • ‘Aunties and uncles, grandmas and grandads all lived within walking distance and it was true to say that friends and family were one and the same.’
    • ‘I wanted my kids to be around their grandma and grandpa, go to the same school I went to.’
    • ‘All adults were ‘guardian angels’ watching over us, especially the grandmas and grandpas sitting on their front porches in their rocking chairs.’
    • ‘There were parents, siblings, grandmas and grandpas, and even aunts and uncles; not to mention our class of 700 crammed onto the floor.’
    • ‘Plan regular trips to see out-of-town grandmas and grandpas.’
    • ‘My favourite picture in the whole house is the one of my grandad with my grandma, of when they were young.’
    • ‘He went to grammar school and became, along with my grandma, my motivation for doing the same.’
    • ‘The grandmas we remember stayed at home and baked.’
    • ‘They want us as kindly old grandmas, ready to baby-sit for free.’
    • ‘Tomorrow I begin my knitting class and I'm crossing my fingers that the other class members won't be grandmas.’
    • ‘And they are going to get quite a few gifts from their family, and grandmas and aunts and uncles and things - and I got them one of those big cars that can drive itself around.’
    • ‘Yes, quilting - it isn't just for grandmas anymore.’
    • ‘Libby's grandmas and a couple of aunts were cooking in the kitchen, while Libby's mom and dad sat at the kitchen table, holding hands.’
    • ‘Word is out that knitting isn't just for grandmas anymore - it's the new hobby of choice for people who want to relax and de-stress.’
    grandma, granny



/ˈɡran(d)ˌmä/ /ˈɡræn(d)ˌmɑ/