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  • One's grandfather.

    • ‘At the end, the grandpas and grandmas were treated with a belated but sumptuous Onam feast which the aged from various day care centres and old age homes in the city enjoyed.’
    • ‘It was more or less me and a busload of grandmas and grandpas for seventeen days.’
    • ‘Needless to say Mummy has had a big grin on her face for a while now, as do the newly promoted grannies and grandpas.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, 34 million grandmas and grandpas count their pills, ration their drugs, curb their lifestyles, and go without food in order to buy their prescriptions.’
    • ‘All adults were ‘guardian angels’ watching over us, especially the grandmas and grandpas sitting on their front porches in their rocking chairs.’
    • ‘There were parents, siblings, grandmas and grandpas, and even aunts and uncles; not to mention our class of 700 crammed onto the floor.’
    • ‘Plan regular trips to see out-of-town grandmas and grandpas.’
    • ‘Aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas, cousins and unlinked others often swelled the crowd to near 40 by noon.’
    • ‘Why can't all parents be more like our grandmas and grandpas?’
    • ‘Whole families will be there as usual, from grannies and grandpas to moms and dads with littlies in prams.’
    • ‘Watching grandpa give grandson his first shooting lesson was gratifying to say the least.’
    • ‘It's nice for my son to know his grandpa.’
    • ‘See, my grandpa passed on to me his ancient electric razor kit as a present.’
    • ‘Most of my aunts, uncles and cousins were already at my grandpa's when we arrived.’
    • ‘He was so close to his grandpa, also named George, that he thought he was simply a permanent feature of the world.’
    • ‘The very first I heard were cowboy songs, also my grandpa used to sing me old trail songs.’
    • ‘It actually was my mom's but she let my grandpa have it when she moved back with me.’
    • ‘He wants to be a grandpa soon, and he has told us to have kids when we are young.’
    • ‘My granny went first when I was fifteen, and my grandpa went next when I was eighteen.’
    grandad, grandpa, grandpop



/ˈɡran(d)ˌpä/ /ˈɡræn(d)ˌpɑ/