Definition of granivorous in English:



  • (of an animal) feeding on grain.

    ‘Seeds landing on or near the mounds of granivorous ants are expected to be consumed because foraging activity is presumably highest near active nests.’
    • ‘Herbivorous, granivorous and insectivorous birds have a highly specialized, muscular gizzard with an inner lining of hard cuticle.’
    • ‘Central American forests go through cycles of years of fruit abundance followed by years of fruit scarcity, with associated fluctuations in densities and rates of mortality of frugivorous and granivorous mammals.’
    • ‘In theory, the density-dependent foraging behavior of granivorous rodents and their preference for certain seeds are capable of inducing short-term apparent competition among seed species.’
    • ‘This small granivorous parrot is native to grasslands and forest edges of northern South America.’
    • ‘Lilac-crowned Parrots are predominantly granivorous and do not supplement nestling diets with arthropod prey.’



/ɡrəˈnivərəs/ /ɡrəˈnɪvərəs/


Mid 17th century from Latin granum ‘grain’+ -vorous.