Definition of grantor in English:



  • A person or institution that makes a grant or conveyance.

    ‘The grantee sued the grantor upon his covenant to maintain the road.’
    • ‘Again, it is essential to consider who, if a grant is to be presumed, are to be the supposed grantors and grantees.’
    • ‘Though the grantors of ground rent and a mortgage might be different people, often it was the same person hoping to encourage property development.’
    • ‘For many years, credit grantors and insurance firms have used consumer credit reports to evaluate the repayment risk of individual applicants for loans and insurance.’
    • ‘Despite efforts to the contrary on the part of some grantors, the most striking side effect of foreign grants is divisiveness.’



/ɡranˈtôr/ /ɡrænˈtɔr/