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  • 1The quality or condition of being granular.

    ‘The chip also provides MPEG 2 encoding with digital video noise reduction, eliminating granularity within the picture and thus improving the quality of the compressed video.’
    • ‘We need much more granularity - we need to look at finer shades of grey.’
    • ‘The problem comes when these aggregators don't have enough granularity.’
    • ‘Likewise, granular cell tumors may arise in relation to the pituitary gland/stalk; however, these tumors owe their cytoplasmic granularity to numerous autophagic vacuoles, not mitochondria.’
    • ‘A faint basophilic granularity was present in the wall of several of the larger vessels; this granularity was highlighted by periodic acid-Schiff stain.’
    • ‘Others had a brown, thicker, and coarser membrane, with irregular granularity on the outside.’
    • ‘Crystalline texture refers to granularity and was measured using categories modified from Rick.’
    • ‘From the numerical results, we extracted a simple functional form for the force versus elongation curve as a function of effective thickness, chain granularity, and contour length.’
    • ‘The cell population with high green fluorescence was shown to belong to the population selected on the basis of size and granularity (data not shown).’
    • ‘It is shown that this approach allows extracting meaningful quantitative estimates of the effective thickness and modular granularity of the polymers.’
    • ‘Any further addition will lead to print granularity.’
    • ‘Eosinophilic precursors are less common in this type, and only an occasional cell will demonstrate cytoplasmic granularity.’
    • ‘The lining of the cyst was smooth with focal granularity.’
    • ‘The additional insight obtained here is the indication of the effective DNA granularity and thickness.’
    • ‘The granularity of sand and water content have great effect in the increase of compressive stresses.’
  • 2 technical The scale or level of detail present in a set of data or other phenomenon.

    ‘the bill data doesn't provide sufficient granularity to answer the questions’
    • ‘Positive deviance says that if you want to create change, you must scale it down to the lowest level of granularity and look for people within the social system who are already manifesting the desired future state.’
    • ‘Eventually you'll achieve a level of granularity you simply don't need.’
    • ‘Focus analytical efforts at higher echelons in direct support of designated tactical forces at the supported units' level of granularity.’
    • ‘We can break down to any level of granularity that the physical network allows.’
    • ‘At the same time, there is a need to process content at a deeper level of granularity than is currently associated with conventional indexing and text analysis.’



/ˌɡranyəˈlerədē/ /ˌɡrænjəˈlɛrədi/