Definition of granule in English:



  • A small compact particle of a substance.

    ‘granules of sugar’
    ‘coffee granules’
    • ‘Here starch granules of a uniform size are mixed with encapsulated ink particles of a slightly smaller size.’
    • ‘If you won't remember to feed them regularly, also add some granules of slow - release fertiliser.’
    • ‘Microscopic granules of 18-carat gold and silk powder give it a translucent glow.’
    • ‘Depth hoar looks like granules of sugar: It's multifaceted, it glitters, it doesn't make good snowballs.’
    • ‘The diameters of the starch granules of each gradient were determined using an eyepiece micrometer calibrated with a stage micrometer.’
    • ‘He pulled the red pouch from his belt and passed it to me, and I chose a wide silver ring, edged with granules of silver bead, as her gift.’
    • ‘An exception is tartrate crystal deposits that look like granules of white sugar but are tasteless and can easily be removed.’
    • ‘Starch granules of several size classes are found in the endosperm of cereals such as wheat.’
    • ‘I've undertaken the task of making a mug of coffee twice today and on both occasions the act of removing the tight pull off lid has resulted in a shower of excess coffee granules all over me and the floor.’
    • ‘There was a cereal bowl full of instant coffee granules.’
    • ‘This morning when I was getting my breakfast I put cereal in my coffee mug and coffee granules in my cereal bowl.’
    • ‘Emma shrugged her shoulders and spooned coffee granules into two mugs.’
    • ‘Stir a tablespoon of boiling water into the coffee granules then mix it into the butter-cream.’
    • ‘Maybe the sugar in my coffee is being mixed with other white granules that are rather more sinister.’
    • ‘Some coffee drinkers may consider that processing the coffee to make it into instant granules destroys much of the taste which can be obtained from raw beans.’
    • ‘Add moisture retaining granules and slow release fertiliser to the compost and gradually harden the plants off before putting them outside completely at the end of the month.’
    • ‘The newly-operated factory will produce plastic granules which can be molded into rulers, cups and even construction materials.’
    • ‘Products vary from gases to liquids and granules.’
    • ‘We cannot get over how lovely it is but the one thing we miss about home is the people of the Lancaster area not to mention unsmoked bacon, stuffing and gravy granules.’
    • ‘To speed up the beauty part of the process, invest in a body exfoliator or pour a dessertspoon of olive oil over a handful of sea salt granules and apply to the skin, daily.’
    grain, particle, fragment, bit, sliver
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Mid 17th century from late Latin granulum, diminutive of Latin granum ‘grain’.