Definition of granulose in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡranyəˌlōs/ /ˈɡrænjəˌloʊs/


  • Consisting of or covered with small grains or granules.

    ‘Foraminifera, or forams, are abundant marine and freshwater amoebae with granulose, reticulating pseudopodia.’
    • ‘Nutrient supply was enhanced by a granulose fertilizer containing nitrogen and phosphorus, and grazer density was manipulated by exclusion cages.’
    • ‘The granulose cells secrete follicular fluid containing oestrogen now.’
    • ‘The exo-carp is coriaceous, thin, and dull, with glandular dots. Themesocarp is fleshy, whitish turning to yellow at maturity, with a granulose texture and astringent taste.’
    • ‘The granulose texture of the thick exoskeleton is well defined.’