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  • 1A berry, typically green (classified as white), purple, red, or black, growing in clusters on a grapevine, eaten as fruit, and used in making wine.

    ‘Invest in a set of small plastic boxes for chopped fresh fruit, strawberries, grapes or cherries.’
    • ‘Both are made from white or black grapes, or from a mixture of the two.’
    • ‘One of the original methods of producing rosé was to mix white grapes with black at the fermentation stage.’
    • ‘Yet the wily Pinot Noir grape is best suited to cooler, less sunny climes.’
    • ‘Recently this company has experimented with more suitable wine grape varieties for both red and white table wines.’
    • ‘Concord grape juice has the highest total antioxidant level of any fruit, vegetable or juice tested.’
    • ‘They taste the best because the Cabernet grapes ripen late in the season - in September or even October.’
    • ‘Of the grapes grown world-wide, table grapes represent the third most frequent use, following wine and dried grapes.’
    • ‘But after the vines bloom, he notes, table grape growers would have to switch to insecticides.’
    • ‘Most were produced from Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon grapes - or a combination of both.’
    • ‘We set out one sunny morning on horseback through the Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.’
    • ‘Selina's eyebrow rose as she popped a green grape into her mouth.’
    • ‘The crisper drawer contains two apples, a bag of black seedless grapes, and a bulb of garlic.’
    • ‘Frozen seedless grapes add a festive touch and help keep drinks cold.’
    • ‘They continue to sell Chardonnay grapes to other vineyards.’
    • ‘A blanc de blancs is a sparkling wine made exclusively from Chardonnay grapes.’
    • ‘Today their cultivated land is up to 50 acres and includes Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay grapes.’
    • ‘The Gamay grapes used in the wines have a distinctive taste unique among red wine.’
    • ‘Summer pruning may be carried out to ensure a smaller harvest of riper grapes.’
    • ‘The process for making grappa from white grapes and red grapes varies significantly.’
    berry, vine fruit
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    1. 1.1the grape informal Wine.
      • ‘an exploration of the grape’
      • ‘This piercingly aromatic, citrus fruit and gooseberry-like white is drier and much closer to Sancerre than most Kiwi interpretations of the grape.’
      • ‘It was while on engineering business in France that he fell under the grape's spell and decided to bring wine and wine culture home.’
      • ‘He did a brief stint in the insurance industry, but his love of the grape soon led him to the wine business.’
      • ‘They fill their pages with memories of the wine war from both sides of the struggle; stories that are sometimes somber, sometimes amusing, but which all commemorate those "whose love of the grape and devotion to a way of life helped them survive and triumph over one of the darkest and most difficult chapters in French history."’
      • ‘It was through that and visiting vineyards while travelling with her husband that their love of the grape grew.’
  • 2

    short for grapeshot

    ‘The Jacobites stood the fire for some time before charging, being decimated by grape and musket shot.’
    • ‘The naval commander, in his barrage covering the landing, used round shot instead of grape or canister, in order to minimize casualties.’
    • ‘Grape shot was widely used in the 19th century wars, but by the time of the American Civil War, grape was primarily used by navel gun crews.’
    • ‘The most common canon was called the Napoleon and used both grape shot and canister ammunition.’
    • ‘The gun discharged shot until the troops were within a short distance, when they fired grape.’
  • 3A dark purplish red color.



/ɡrāp/ /ɡreɪp/


Middle English (also in the Old French sense): from Old French, ‘bunch of grapes’, probably from graper ‘gather grapes’, from grap ‘hook’ (denoting an implement used in harvesting grapes), of Germanic origin.