Definition of graphic arts in English:

graphic arts

plural noun

  • 1The visual arts based on the use of line and tone rather than three-dimensional work or the use of color.

    ‘He followed his passion, however, and obtained a master's degree in visual arts, sculpture and graphic arts.’
    • ‘The arts are generally well supported in the country, including literature, fine arts, graphic arts and performance arts.’
    • ‘The 120 clients who work at the center are offered a curriculum that includes graphic arts, painting, mixed media, fiber arts, ceramics, wood sculpture, and photography.’
    • ‘It has since developed an international reputation for its promotion of both stone sculpture and graphic arts.’
    • ‘It started off in architecture and has spread to other art forms - literature, visual and graphic arts.’
    • ‘Perhaps the most obvious category was one for what are often referred to as the ‘finer’ arts: the performing arts, graphic arts, and literature.’
    • ‘But in European art at least the graphic arts usually depict the so-called external world, scenes of work, pictures of men and wild animals.’
    • ‘The achievement that had the most lasting value was their revival of graphic arts, in particular, the woodcut using bold and simplified forms.’
    • ‘‘At a time when there was no market for the graphic arts, the artists often used the tools and procedures of printmaking to explore the process of creativity,’ he explained.’
    • ‘He also gave increased attention to the graphic arts, making a magnificent series of etchings, and many drawings in pen and pen and wash as independent works of art and not as preparation for paintings.’
    • ‘Unique sensibilities are brought to paper as artists from backgrounds such as ceramics, sculpture, graphic arts and painting explore the medium.’
    • ‘The sale of work in graphic arts, multimedia, and literature earns a substantial income for many practitioners, while the performance arts, in particular dance, do not tend to generate enough income to cover their costs.’
    • ‘The most eye-catching change is in representational graphic arts: posters, postage stamps, caricatures, calligraphy and book illustrations.’
    • ‘I would love to learn how to do other forms of art as well, like using a potter's wheel, photography and graphic arts.’
    • ‘The graphic arts declined until the late nineteenth century, when James Ensor and René Magritte (in the twentieth century) revived the avant-garde.’
    • ‘The tradition of graphic arts began with indigenous Taino sculpting and pottery and has continued with the evolution of the African tradition.’
    • ‘She had a part-time job in graphic arts and her own studio where her painting continued to evolve.’
    • ‘In the United States, photography - including medical and dental X-rays and graphic arts - is the number-one consumer, using 80 million ounces of silver.’
    • ‘The Chinese graphic arts emerged as landscape painting, Chinese calligraphy, and book illustration.’
    • ‘Painting, sculpture, wood carving, glass making, and other graphic arts enjoyed a decade of expansion and access to new markets after 1989.’
    1. 1.1graphic artThe activity of practicing the graphic arts, especially as a subject of study.
      ‘Phillips, who creates fine art and graphic art on the subject of jazz, renders her own images but also manipulates scanned images to yield a new product.’
      • ‘Having studied law and then graphic art he has found he has been able to put them to full use in the creation of his albums, the performances of his songs and the administration of his company.’
      • ‘Two decades of Fascist rule in Italy are explored here, through painting, sculpture, graphic art, photography, furnishings and ceramics.’
      • ‘From the late 1800s, when photography overtook graphic art as a means of reproduction, the prestige of graphics as a free-standing artistic discipline grew.’
      • ‘The festival, which draws to a close this Saturday, included film shows at the David Lean cinema, graphic art and photography and theatre design displays.’
      • ‘The publication contains an overview of the development of Bulgarian graphic art.’
      • ‘As a result of the interest in Eskimo culture in Greenland, drawing, painting and graphic art started to appear.’
      • ‘Anthony has been involved in graphic art from his early school days, continuing his studies at the Belfast College of Art & Design.’
      • ‘About 200 works, drawn from public and private collections across South Africa, are on show, including oil and watercolour paintings, graphic art, sketches and tapestries.’
      • ‘The artists at the exhibition have broken from the rigid rules of the reproduction technique and were free to give expression to their own understandings of graphic art as an intrinsic part of the new concept of modern form.’
      • ‘It is not a great piece of graphic art, but does something great art in the West finds difficult.’
      • ‘The exhibit is divided into three sections: works pre-dating the Cultural Revolution; propaganda works produced afterwards; and more recent examples of Chinese graphic art.’
      • ‘While there she learnt about different advanced calligraphy techniques, how to better market the work and also how to integrate graphic art and calligraphy.’
      • ‘He chose light blue and dull red to make the soccer print wacky, yet his composition of colors and space demonstrated a high degree of graphic art mastery.’
      • ‘Mainstream comic and graphic art has become a sort of visual shorthand used to tell a simple story as quickly as possible.’
      • ‘Do you pay much attention to psychedelic posters and graphic art from the late '60s?’
      • ‘John is still glad that he gave up a career in graphic art to sing the blues.’
      • ‘He described the panel as ‘a great curiosity’ and ‘an exceedingly curious and ancient relic of graphic art.’’
      • ‘They'll learn how graphic art impacts advertising.’
      • ‘A nationwide panel of seven judges comprised of prominent graphic art and design professionals awarded this year's honors.’


graphic arts

/ˌɡrafik ˈärts/ /ˌɡræfɪk ˈɑrts/