Definition of grass of Parnassus in English:

grass of Parnassus


  • A herbaceous plant of north temperate regions, which bears a solitary white flower.

    Genus Parnassia, family Saxifragaceae: several species, including P. glauca and P. palustris

    ‘Grass of Parnassus is a late summer gem in the Yorkshire Dales.’
    • ‘Both Old Fen and Middle Fen are dominated by a mix of saw sedge and black bog rush, with shows of grass of Parnassus in the calcium-rich spring flushes.’
    • ‘A single stem leaf, located near the midpoint of the flowering stem, makes grass of Parnassus easy to identify.’
    • ‘It's rather mysterious how grass of Parnassus got its name, as the leaves look nothing like grass.’
    • ‘Grass of Parnassus is not rare but it is uncommon enough to be a pleasant surprise when found.’


grass of Parnassus

/ɡras əv pärˈnasəs/ /ɡræs əv pɑrˈnæsəs/