Definition of grass parrot in English:

grass parrot


(also grass parakeet)
  • A small parrot frequenting grassy country.

    Family Psittacidae: several genera, in particular Psephotus and Neophema

    ‘The budgerigar, cockatiel, kakariki, princess parrot, regent, king parrot, grass parrot and smaller lorikeets make delightful pet birds, all capable of talking.’
    • ‘Turquoisine Grass Parrot usually likes to live at the edges of woodlands besides the open grass pasturelands.’
    • ‘The Orange-bellied Parrot is a small 'grass parrot' of coastal south-eastern Australia.’
    • ‘It is a grass parrot approximately 19 cm long and weighing around 35 grams.’
    • ‘There are also the grass parrot, lue parrot, love bird, and ground parrot.’


grass parrot

/ɡras ˈperət/ /ɡræs ˈpɛrət/