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also grasslands
  • A large open area of country covered with grass, especially one used for grazing.

    ‘rough grassland’
    • ‘This is an area of open grasslands grazed year round by large concentrations of several ungulate species.’
    • ‘Nearby grasslands provide an open area where the young can forage for insects.’
    • ‘As much or more management is required for grasslands than for cropland, he said.’
    • ‘The track eventually emerges from the tree cover to open grassland.’
    • ‘It also confirms changes from tillage crop area to grassland or vice versa.’
    • ‘Many of the remaining grasslands are located in areas with high natural amenities.’
    • ‘Roads will be removed or tunnelled and ploughed fields returned to open grassland.’
    • ‘The majority of the land was covered in improved grassland and tillage.’
    • ‘They might move from a summer grassland to an area of streams and lakes when the grasslands get too dry.’
    • ‘Other weed species found include bracken, which is now associated with acidic grassland rather than arable fields.’
    • ‘An area of grassland near Lower Pen Pond was designated a protected zone to encourage the skylarks to breed undisturbed.’
    • ‘Agricultural lands, rainforests and other wooded areas, grasslands, and sources of fresh water are all at risk.’
    • ‘Denser, shrubby ecosystems are also encroaching on grasslands in many areas.’
    • ‘In early spring, the grasslands are often covered with the shiny yellow heads of goldfields.’
    • ‘However, the plains zebras are the most common and live on the open grasslands and along the edges of deserts in Africa.’
    • ‘Optimal habitat consists of open medium to tall grasslands fringed with an ecotone of woody vegetation.’
    • ‘The open grassland around Stonehenge in southern England used to be a favorite haunt of the bird.’
    • ‘Soon the landscape alters from timbered hillside to open grassland and wildflowers.’
    • ‘We were to observe every living organism in our little area of grassland and listen for as many different sounds as we could.’
    • ‘The wide stretches of bamboo and grassland cover the entire northern region.’
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/ˈɡrasˌland/ /ˈɡræsˌlænd/