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nounplural noun gratuities

  • A tip given to a waiter, taxicab driver, etc.

    ‘However, a special gratuity paid to a driver, for example at Christmas, may not be taxable.’
    • ‘As we headed home, my mate wondered why many cafés have counter-top jars for tips if paying gratuities was not New Zealand custom.’
    • ‘These gratuities are voluntary rewards given from spectators who genuinely enjoyed the battle in the ring.’
    • ‘Make the martini their way and you'll get a bigger tip; to amass the greatest wealth in gratuities, you must learn to make over 100 drinks.’
    • ‘But for the amount of work we do, a small gratuity is always appreciated.’
    tip, gift, present, donation, reward, handout, recompense, boon, baksheesh
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/ɡrəˈt(y)o͞oədē/ /ɡrəˈt(j)uədi/


Late 15th century (denoting graciousness or favor): from Old French gratuité or medieval Latin gratuitas ‘gift’, from Latin gratus ‘pleasing, thankful’.