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graveyard shift

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  • A work shift that runs through the early morning hours, typically covering the period between midnight and 8 a.m.

    ‘For instance, the legislation does not state that children cannot work early morning shifts, during school hours, or the graveyard shift.’
    • ‘The reason I'm writing this at 4 in the morning is because I'm working a graveyard shift this week.’
    • ‘He could have died if I wasn't working the graveyard shift this morning.’
    • ‘You'll usually find him working 3pm to midnight, and sometimes during the graveyard shift.’
    • ‘I suppose it's not really nights; more a graveyard shift although I have still put in my 8 hours.’
    • ‘She probably would have been more cautious on the graveyard shift, but who expected such weirdness this early in the day?’
    • ‘Unlike the two men, who tended to be early risers, she often worked the graveyard shift.’
    • ‘Midnight to dawn is the time when ghosts, ghouls and all manifestations of the paranormal come into their own and one could be forgiven for thinking that sanity takes a break for the duration of the graveyard shift.’
    • ‘And then last week I was back at work doing a graveyard shift, from 12: 30 am - 8am.’
    • ‘To compensate, they give you the first Friday off, so that you have a 3-day weekend following the completion of the graveyard shift.’
    • ‘I went to college at San Francisco State and supported myself working the graveyard shift at a brewery, and did a little theater.’
    • ‘The graveyard shift requires a gentle soul to soothe the sleepless to sleep or keep them company until tagging with the Morning Report team.’
    • ‘I ended up in a paper mill, working the graveyard shift lifting heavy steel shafts.’
    • ‘He works a graveyard shift - one of two jobs so he can pay the rent - and has hardly slept in a week because of noise.’
    • ‘They must have people doing the graveyard shift.’
    • ‘‘Bad dreams,’ Greg admitted, taking the offered cup, ‘After the end of the graveyard shift I'll sleep better.’’
    • ‘Since Tara is going to be alone at nights now that I'm working the graveyard shift, I thought it might be a good idea for her to learn some kind of self-defense.’
    • ‘With a shake of my head I leave the bathroom and head towards the reception desk, I've never been a fan of the graveyard shift and tonight is no different.’
    • ‘I told the manager interviewing me that I was interested in the graveyard shift, in the hope that I would have time to look for a better job during the day.’
    • ‘But working the graveyard shift by himself provided plenty of time to read more than 20 operating manuals.’


graveyard shift

/ˈɡrāvˌyärd SHift/ /ˈɡreɪvˌjɑrd ʃɪft/