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gravy train

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  • Used to refer to a situation in which someone can make a lot of money for very little effort.

    • ‘come to Hollywood and get on the gravy train’
    • ‘It's nothing more than a gravy train for big business to make huge amounts of money from the public purse!’
    • ‘The bills started to come in in the eighties, of course, and financial stringency made it necessary to start cutting back on the gravy train.’
    • ‘I went to grad school, a move that both ended my ride on the industry gravy train and robbed me of disposable income for a number of years.’
    • ‘Once the gravy train stopped, I had to buy it myself.’
    • ‘There is also a determination to end the gravy train which lets a lawyer go into court for 10 minutes to obtain an adjournment in a case and then claim a full daily rate for the job.’
    • ‘Everyone knows that getting a Government contract is often looked upon as a financial gravy train.’
    • ‘Be you a public representative at local or national level, the certainty is that you are aboard a financially rewarding gravy train.’
    • ‘My reasoning was that nobody wanted to shut down the gravy train of consumer spending that was propping up this economy.’
    • ‘They gorge themselves on a gravy train fuelled by our taxes and act as puppets for secret, undemocratic organisations over which we have no control.’
    • ‘Among those ready to board the gravy train is a Scottish farmer who will collect his annual grant of £100,000 in Australia.’
    • ‘It was a gravy train while it lasted, but it was unsustainable.’
    • ‘Millions of pounds are pouring into this ever-growing bureaucratic gravy train and it is now an embarrassment to the Government.’
    • ‘Most of his income comes from unemployment benefit, a far cry from the sums being earned by those who have jumped on the game's financial gravy train.’
    • ‘Who can blame them for joining the benefits gravy train?’
    • ‘But it's good to see that those stalwart defenders of the public purse, our councillors, are part of that gravy train.’
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gravy train

/ˈɡrāvē ˌtrān/ /ˈɡreɪvi ˌtreɪn/