Definition of gray eminence in English:

gray eminence


another term for éminence grise
  • ‘So it's entirely plausible that Martin was isolated out of the real, real loop by the grey eminences close to the prime minister.’
  • ‘It was a clear sign that even though he himself will not serve in this government, he remains the grey eminence behind it - perhaps even the puppet-master.’
  • ‘The grey eminence behind the Restoration was nevertheless a civilian politician, Antonio Cánovas del Castillo.’
  • ‘Men like Rove are the gurus, gray eminences, cardinals and kingmakers to the modern-day queens, and wield tremendous power and influence behind the scenes.’
  • ‘Over the past few days, I have conducted several interviews with some of the nation's grey eminences in politics, law and history.’


gray eminence

/ɡrā ˈemənəns/ /ɡreɪ ˈɛmənəns/