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  • 1A thick oily substance, especially as used as a lubricant.

    ‘axle grease’
    • ‘Someone else stated it had the colour and consistency of axle grease!’
    • ‘Axle grease also freezes and is warmed with a blowtorch.’
    • ‘The valley of rocks still bears the marks of early pioneers who wrote their names with axle grease on the rocks.’
    • ‘The grease is a silicon lubricant for glass stopcocks, joints and glass - rubber connections.’
    • ‘Scrap material usually contains some form of surface contamination such as grease, lubricating oil, or oxide film which may adhere to the surface.’
    • ‘In particular the rear offside brake was leaking brake fluid and the inside of the brake drum was coated with thick black grease which was a combination of brake fluid and brake shoe dust.’
    • ‘To ensure that greasing actually gets done, he issued each driver a grease gun with bright-red grease.’
    • ‘Even a small amount of snow, mud, excess lubricant, or grease in the bore can dangerously increase pressure and cause the barrel to bulge or burst when firing.’
    • ‘Riflemen used tightly fitting balls, forced into their rifled barrels with grease or lubricated patches of cloth, and gained resultant accuracy while sacrificing speed of loading.’
    • ‘Unlike firearms, slathering a sword blade with quantities of heavy oil or grease may do more harm than good.’
    • ‘The insert requires minimal preventive-maintenance grease at its pivot points and axles.’
    • ‘Clean up any grease, diesel fuel, hydraulic and lubricating oil accumulation and spillage immediately.’
    • ‘It is not yet clear whether it is melted plastic from the train, or some sort of lubricating grease that may have been overheated by a defect in the running gear and burst into flame.’
    • ‘Therefore, bearings are lubricated with some type of oil or grease.’
    • ‘Clean the mechanism with an old toothbrush or a soft wire brush and lubricate it with heat-proof grease.’
    • ‘Inside the store were shadows and smells: leather and fresh denim, gun oil, grease, and the distinctive odor of mothballs and linseed.’
    • ‘Some retractables don't even have grease fittings for the gear legs, but on those that do, make certain any grease or oil is of an appropriate weight.’
    • ‘The bearing lubricant has a huge effect on rolling resistance, which is why some speed skaters run their bearings with minimal thin oil rather than grease.’
    • ‘Bolts and bolting recesses are so perfectly fitted that we favor a light touch of synthetic oil rather than grease.’
    • ‘Walking over to the table, she sees that they are covered in what looks like grease and oil on their new blue jumpsuits.’
    lubricant, lubrication, unguent
    oil, ointment, lotion, cream
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  • 2Oil or fat used or produced in cooking.

    ‘the kitchen walls were black with grease and filth’
    • ‘The bottles of hot sauce, and salt and pepper seemed to be permanently glazed with years of grease from all the cooking.’
    • ‘I breathe in the cool air, taste tangs of cooking oil and fried grease.’
    • ‘Finally, the committee said that food vendors should place a rubber mat under their booths to protect the area from oil and cooking grease.’
    • ‘Animal fats such as bacon grease, butter, and lard tend to be saturated.’
    • ‘A cool, buoyant breeze whisked past, carrying the fragrance of urban smog and fast-food grease.’
    • ‘Darren was standing in front of the stove wearing a pink apron, spatula in hand flipping strips of bacon on a skillet full of grease.’
    • ‘Remove from heat and drain off all but two tablespoons of bacon grease.’
    • ‘Healthy fish and chips with hardly any soaked up grease is every fast food eater's dream.’
    • ‘Much of the meat on the grills in the parking lot still is sizzling and dripping grease.’
    • ‘It is usually made from soy bean oil but can also be made from beef tallow, pork lard, and chicken grease.’
    • ‘Fry in either bacon grease or lard until golden brown.’
    • ‘I'm slightly tipsy and I have chicken grease and hot piri-piri sauce running down my face.’
    • ‘The fish is sautéed with herbs and chili peppers, which take the excess grease from the fish, creating a light yet delightfully spicy taste.’
    • ‘The patty is pre-formed, the cheese is processed, the rings come out of the freezer, and the bun is a bit damp from grill grease, but the ratio of bun to meat is balanced, and the burger is fresh and tasty.’
    • ‘Cooking grease is thought to be behind the massive fire that left one of Scotland's top hotels in ruins last night after it ripped through the building in minutes.’
    • ‘Keep drip tray and oven clean and free of crumbs, grease and particles.’
    • ‘Without these filters, accumulated grease could ignite from cooking activities and cause a fire.’
    • ‘She grabbed the frying pan and poured the remaining grease into a coffee cup that was sitting on the stove.’
    • ‘That's because the oven continuously sucks out air while anything is cooking, removing any grease and odours at the same time.’
    • ‘He pulled out a frying pan and poured some grease in it, then dumped a few fries into it.’
    fat, oil, cooking oil, animal fat
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/ɡrēs/ /ɡris/

transitive verb

[with object]
  • Smear or lubricate with grease.

    as adjective greased ‘place on a greased baking sheet’
    • ‘Place on a lightly greased baking sheet and bake in a moderately hot oven for 10 to 15 minutes.’
    • ‘Mix oats in, spread onto a lightly greased glass baking dish, and refrigerate.’
    • ‘These would have gone into the oven on baking trays that were greased with butter wrappers, which were kept for ever.’
    • ‘On a lightly floured surface, roll out the pastry to form a thin circle or rectangle, place it on a lightly greased baking sheet or tin, and lip or flute the edge.’
    • ‘The mother finds the recipe, gathers the ingredients, measures, mixes, rolls out the dough, greases the sheet, and pre-heats the oven.’
    • ‘My thoughts go toward things like greasing a squeaky cupboard hinge, removing stickers from glass, general engine maintenance and other uses not involving food preparation.’
    • ‘Prepare an oven-proof dish by greasing it with butter.’
    • ‘Children will soon grasp basic concepts, from boiling, beating and cooling to greasing tins, grating, blending, creaming and folding.’
    • ‘Assemble the lasagna by first lightly greasing a casserole dish with some olive oil, and then add the first layer of lasagna sheets.’
    • ‘While Stu was at home greasing the tractor, listeners from across Australia were phoning in their suggestions.’
    • ‘We've tried greasing the hinges, but we still have a hard time getting things through there.’
    • ‘The legs are greased with Vaseline; then a fast-setting rubber, like a very heavy cream, is applied quickly.’
    • ‘Place a non-stick or lightly greased baking tray in the oven.’
    • ‘Roll out the dough as thinly as possible and, using pastry cutters, cut out any shapes you like and place them on a lightly greased baking tray.’
    • ‘I recall wondering if the men had done a good job greasing it.’
    • ‘But he then noticed that recommended greasing intervals were being extended dramatically, in many cases to multiple-hundred-hour intervals.’
    • ‘At the end of three year's use, and except for greasing the lower drive unit because of its constant immersion in water, the makers insists the only item that may need service is the spark plug.’
    • ‘The past three days workers have been out every morning greasing the tracks and the noise levels have dropped dramatically.’
    • ‘Place a non-stick or lightly greased baking tray in the oven.’
    • ‘Lightly grease a terrine tin and line the base with baking paper.’
    lubricate, oil, smear with grease, smear with oil, make slippery, make smooth, make oily
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/ɡrēs/ /ɡris/ /ɡrēz/ /ɡriz/


    grease the palm of
    • Bribe (someone)

      • ‘the branch is alleged to have greased the palms of 130 politicians’
      • ‘Whether applying for a driving licence, bringing a case to court or simply passing a police checkpoint, greasing the palm of pliant government officials is often the only way to get things done in the country.’
      • ‘At the behest of his friend, the son goes to the neighbouring town to earn enough money to grease the palm of the panchayat president.’
      • ‘And you probably think that you can grease the palm of the loan officer to enhance your loan eligibility.’
      • ‘Traffic offenses are no longer punishable by monetary compensation but by greasing the palm of an officer.’
      • ‘More important, it helps support the locals first, rather than greasing the palm of an outsider or some foreign agency.’
      • ‘Don't think twice before greasing the palm of the health minister to assure your daughter of a seat in the medical college.’
      • ‘‘Some children cannot pass exams unless they grease the palm of the person giving the test,’ he said.’
      • ‘If you grease the palm of a pool attendant to bring you baseball updates from the bar while you relax in the sun, you've done nothing wrong because no one loses.’
      • ‘The Yakuza greases the palm of a creepy shopkeeper to use his basement for the event.’


      Grease expressing the sense ‘cause to run smoothly’ and palm, by association with the taking of money.

    grease the skids
    mainly North American informal
    • Help matters run smoothly.

      • ‘his mission was to use his budgetary skills to grease the skids for new projects’
      • ‘The industry also liberally greases the skids of the legislative process with huge campaign donations, topping $26 million in the last election cycle.’
      • ‘Students hunt after internships because they often grease the skids for graduation, making it much easier to find a job once the student loans come due.’
      • ‘First, grease the skids with campaign contributions to key lawmakers.’
      • ‘You have investment bankers standing by to grease the skids and take their cut.’
      • ‘Slippery accounting helped grease the wheels.’
      • ‘A good communicator masters the rules of etiquette and good manners since these are what grease the wheels of effective interpersonal relationships.’
      • ‘Adherence to basic etiquette and civility in negotiating can help a great deal since etiquette does grease the wheels of a civil society.’
      • ‘And there will always be the money and political machinery to grease the wheels.’
      • ‘The first step is that you need capital to start businesses and grease the wheels of commerce.’
      • ‘Would he give any house room to a politician who asked for a few quid to grease the wheels of a project?’
    like greased lightning
    • Extremely fast.

      • ‘Another gig of memory will make it run like greased lightning.’
      • ‘Get it on the highway, and it moves like greased lightning.’
      • ‘It glides like greased lightning, making ironing fast and easy.’
      • ‘'Your husband is climbing up that rope like greased lightning,' he informed her.’
      • ‘And it is then, in the first of several miracles, that he sprints like greased lightning.’


Middle English from Old French graisse, based on Latin crassus ‘thick, fat’.