Definition of greasewood in English:



  • 1A resinous dwarf shrub of the goosefoot family, which yields hard yellow wood used chiefly for fuel. It grows in dry areas of the western US and is toxic to livestock if eaten in large quantities.

    Sarcobatus vermiculatus, family Chenopodiaceae

    ‘Alkaline flat Trees are absent in the salty flats that surround the lake, but two shrubs, greasewood and rabbit-brush, are common.’
    • ‘Every few yards there was a charred greasewood bush.’
    • ‘Juniper, pinion, greasewood, Mormon tea, and scrubby brush grow sparingly on the rocky terrain.’
    • ‘In addition, they could swim the roughest rivers, pack heavy equipment, and browse on greasewood or thorny brush that other animals could not eat.’
    • ‘A tiny fire of dead greasewood branches warms my hands and perfumes the air with pungent woodsmoke.’
  • 2

    another term for chamise



/ˈɡrēswo͝od/ /ˈɡriswʊd/